We are Rydal WI that meets in Ambleside!!!!

Photo taken by Nigel, of 23 members of Rydal WI, at our Games Night in June, the missing ladies were cleverly added by Keith with the help of computer wizardry.
Can you spot who has been  added?  

Membership  costs £36.50 (£1 subsidy)  for the year; this covers the meetings as well as the WI Life magazine and monthly newsletters from Head Office in Kendal which are given out at the meetings, or emailed as a PDF.

We have to raise funds during the year to pay for the hire of our room and costs of speaker

We do this by having a stall on the Christmas Lights Switch-On Day in November.

In 2015/6 we have 32 active members attending meetings, Rummikub, croquet, theatre trips and lots of outings organised by Head Office in Kendal.  

At our meetings we try to go through the business part as quickly as possible  to give our speakers plenty of time

We have a committee of 11 who meet on the  1st Tuesday evening in the month to discuss events  and outings etc.

2/3 members take it in turn to make our tea and biscuits and 1 member is our Speaker Minder,

( duties to welcome speaker and  help them with any equipment they need)

President                -  Sylvia Foreman

Secretary                - Jill Attenborough

Treasurer                - Ros Fuller

Speaker Organiser   - Sylvia Foreman

Theatre Trips-           Marylou Semple

Croquet                   -Kath Savage

Photographer            - Livy Murray,

Scrap Book Coordinator - Janet Earle

Pat Baker, Pat Lester, Joan Worthington

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